Monthly Archives: June 2013


I have been painting scenery for VBS at North Liberty and assembling material for the week ahead.  Preparation is part of the Roswell Mission Experience.  As we prepare for the logistics and material side.  I would ask that you support us with prayer so that we can also prepare spiritually.  Adam’s recent visit enriched us and made the trip that much more exciting . So as we begin our mission here at North Liberty this week, pray for the children that will be coming to VBS and for those who haven’t yet registered whether here or in New Mexico.


God is Good

“All the time, God is good.” This is something we say some times in worship but not always realize that God is in fact good ALL the time.

In order to make our mission trip work to Roswell in July we needed to raise an additional $2000.00. Well, we did, by His grace the money was raised. Now we are planning the logistics of travel and He is good. We are finding better deals than we had three years ago!!

So yes, God is good…all the time God is good.