Friday’s blessings

This  morning, the anticipation of tomorrow’s trip is growing.  I am anxious about the weather but encouraged by the good news of a smooth trip for the bus riders yesterday.  Today two more team members  will take to the sky.  So today’s prayer is for a safe trip for Diane and Brianna.  I have pondered the grace and blessing we have been given to make this trip possible again.  I am so thankful for the gracious folks at Westminster who welcome us back. Adam has worked hard to open the doors to families and has been encouraging them to bring their children to VBS.  He has been the foot soldier in Roswell. (Think about that Pastor Jim).   What a blessing he has been in so many of our lives, an encouragement to us so many miles away.   So as I prepare to leave I have become aware of how many blessing we don’t recognize in our daily lives but I have easily recognized for this trip.  What we haven’t taken for granted, but realize that God’s hand is on it.  Lord, help me to see these realities in my everyday life and to share them with others.

Riders may God speed you on your way today, thankful for the hands that prepared it for the trip and the gifts that made a bigger bus possible.





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