Getting out into the byways

Today as Adam and I went to pick up three children for Bible School, God lead us to stop at the Boys and Girls Club where Adam knows the Director.  He asked if any of the children would like to come to VBS. We were received warmly and tomorrow additional children will be coming from there. The director was thrilled to have this opportunity for some of the children and the receptionist asked if her son could come too.  That will make at least another young one for Emily and you know that she can’t pass a baby’s smile.  It is so interesting each time we come how God opens a door for His message.  Pastor Jim would say that stop wasn’t an accident.

As we participated in the Adult Bible Study tonight we were also talking about Romans 12:3-5 and how do we measure our faith in action.  One of the ladies from Westminster was sharing with us and she was so excited about this study she wants it to last longer.  She wasn’t giving herself much credit but we all where learning new things about ourselves and she said this was uplifting her.  

Finally I noticed a quote at Sam’s Club today on the wall as we were checking out our items for lunch tomorrow. It partly went like this “It doesn’t matter what you have but what you scatter.  Tomorrow we will scatter God’s word again, pray that it falls on soil and takes root.

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  1. Jerry Mahaffey

    You have made it to the over the hump day. Isn’t it amazing how fast the time flies? My prayers are for you for strength and stamina as you complete the tasks in Roswell. May God bless you all as you work for Him and be with you as you travel home.

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