The Little Things.

This morning we were given the opportunity to volunteer at the Roswell Community Soup Kitchen. Each day the kitchen serves anywhere from 80-120 hot meals during the lunch hour. There are several churches that take turns volunteering to make these lunches possible. The meals are funded by both federal funds and donations. Before we got there this morning, the crew of volunteers from Roswell were hard at work making brown bag lunches that included: sandwiches, drinks, and a dessert. These brown bag lunches are given out on Saturdays and Sundays in lieu of a hot lunch, which is served Monday through Friday. In May, the kitchen served it’s millionth meal. Anyone who walks through the door is served. In the same building there is a food pantry in which people who qualify can receive a box of food to take home to cook for their family. Clothing is also available for people in need.

I, myself, had never volunteered at a soup kitchen, and had no idea what to expect. Ten people from our North Liberty crew went to volunteer. However, they were so overloaded with volunteers they only needed three of us. Before I knew it, Chelsea, Brianna, and I were coaxed into a hot, busy kitchen. The menu today was: beef stroganoff, bread, green salad, potato salad, green beans, and cake. The volunteers showed us what to do, and we joined the assembly line.

Before we knew it, people began to come in to pick up their trays. Old, young, men, women, children, from every walk of life filed through the line. Each of the people thanked us, and some even questioned why we came all the way from Pennsylvania, making this a great opportunity to share our story! For me, it was an eye opening experience. At home, we often get so caught up in our own materialistic lives, complaining about things, spending time unhappy, and we often let the little things come and go without thanking God. You see, it’s those little things that we forget to thank God for, like having clothes to wear, a roof over our head, and food in our stomach. To these people that I contacted today, those “little things” weren’t so little. After everyone was fed, the volunteers asked us to eat, too. I really wasn’t hungry, but I remembered Jeff’s bible study. Luke 10:8 says, “When you enter a town and are welcomed eat what is set before you,” so needless to say, we ate, both physically and spiritually.

One man in particular came through the line and was asking me about my journey here to Roswell. We stepped aside, and I got a chance to really talk to him. He asked me about my life at home, and I told him I was a nursing student and that I would graduate in two years. Without telling him it is a dream of mine to move here to New Mexico one day, he said, “You know, there’s lots of good schools for nursing around here. We could really use people like you down here.” I believe that God has a purpose for us all, and everyone has a different calling. But I feel as though the experience I had this morning was no accident, and neither was that conversation. God works in mysterious ways. As Jeff shared with us during his sermon Sunday morning, we need to get out of the boat, and we need to follow Jesus. I thought my mission this week would be bible school, but as it turns out, my mission was outside Westminster’s walls, and out of the boat.

-Chloe Pizor


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  1. Jerry Mahaffey

    Wow, God is really working through you guys! May that continue everyday!

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