Why we were sent?

We all had VBS primarily on our minds as we left Grove City but you know if you try and put God in a box, He tends to show you how wrong you are. Well He certainly has been showing us that our idea of a box is so small. He expanded our box beyond what we could envision.
I expected that once again team members would be impacted by the trip. Many of you have seen us crying as we have shared our previously experiences. Well we have seen that again. I have loved getting to know Rich Powell and see his heart for the kids we have enjoyed. He watches out to make sure no one is left out. He became the primary bus driver to and from the Roswell Boys and Girls Club. When we offered to take kids with us to the Bottomless Lake, the Director ran with that idea. Beyond what we were thinking. When we went to pick up the kids on Tuesday morning there were posters on the walls. Now we hadn’t thought about how many God would give us.
Now we had a problem how do we get them there. Do we rent a big van? The boys told me as I was driving them to VBS that the Center had a van. Adam called if we supplied gas could they drive it. Jeff stopped over and gave them some money and they filled their van and found another. Now we had a bus, 2 -15 passenger vans, a large SUV for 8, and a small SUV. We piled kids in and still had to make a second trip with one van. Now God had supplied on our team three lifeguards and a nurse in training plus eagle eye adults. The afternoon was just wonderful. Rich had an idea; provide McDonalds for supper. So off Adam and Autumn went, a little before the rest of us, to McDonalds with an order for 120 McDoubles. They arrived at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club opened up the back of the truck and as kids got off the vehicles handed out hamburgers. Happy children, happy parents and grandparents. What a blessing that whole day was, but trust me, none of us would have planned that activity and it was with a lot of Faith that we went with the day. Cautious Presbyterians wouldn’t have thought about that day.

Another unexpected but wonderful gift I saw was an outcome of the adult Bible study. We got to know Margaret. Margaret came to VBS and helped Garalynn and Janice pop popcorn for snack, take pictures of the VBS activity and share the love of Christ. Dixie who is the Presbytery’s Moderator for PW shared her experiences with PW, and she was so supportive of the VBS and she said how much she enjoyed the Bible Study.

A final unexpected blessing I want to share today is the impact we saw with a blind teenager that came. She was receiving some respite care from one of our volunteers so she came to our VBS and Bible Study. During music she “danced.” And yesterday, during shirt signing, amid the chaos there she was with the biggest smile.

In our Daily Alien, our daily devotional, it suggested we stay flexible. I learned we need to be flexible in capital letter, stay alert and let God. Our mission wasn’t what we totally planned, it was so much more. Praise God, He got us out of our box.

Got to go, a new opportunity just opened to us, so I tell you about that later.


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  1. Jim Leuenberger

    HI Sue, Sounds like you are living by faith and not by sight. What a joy to see all of you responding to God’s leading. I am proud of all of you. God is smiling!

    Grace and Peace, Jim

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