What does a fancy car have to do with mission?

Hi again,   I wanted to share how a new cherry red Ford Escape played a part on this mission trip.  As you know during this week we had to transport children back and forth from the Boys and Girls Club.  Caution, caution I thought at first, these two vehicles are on my insurance but then I thought God provided this opportunity so He will protect us. Of course we had to be a little responsible, anyway back to my story.  The boys loved the car and it was a pretty neat vehicle with all the whistles. Everyday we discussed a new feature.  On the last ride we realized the car had a sun roof.  We decided not to open it because we would lose the balloons.So because of a fancy car, boys flocked to the car to get there first. I got to really know two boys-Elijah and Allen who learned to rush out quickly.  There were all the basic questions but then in those few minutes we also could talk about Jesus, family and connect in deeper way. These two boys touched me and I know if I had my own car I probably  wouldn’t have had this opportunity.


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  1. Jerry Mahaffey

    Yep, fancy cars get to guys of all ages! Love how God uses us and all kinds of things to help spread His message.

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