Remember me…

The boys and girls club kids couldn’t come to bible school on Friday. They had some thing else already planned. So we decided to deliver their crafts from this week, some left over craft supplies, the race track, a roller coaster cake and a display of pictures from the week. It was our last stop before heading out of town.
They were in the yard of the club having a fun day to end their summer program. As soon as they caught sight of us one of my students, Able, coming running toward me. He said “Miss Miss” and gave me a hug. He was soaking wet. They had an inflatable water slide as part of their last day. Then he said, “Watch me go down the slide!” There were at least half a dozen other kids that asked me to watch them go down the slide. They would say, “Did you see me do that flip?” or “Did you see me hit that bump?” I always responded “It was awesome!” They were saying what we all say. Do you see me? Do I matter? Will you take the time?

I moved to another part of the yard and found a few more of my students. I had close to 20 students for two of the days of Bible School. It was a challenge keeping track of all of them and even getting to know all their names. Two of my boys, Jeremiah and James said, “Do you remember me?” “Of course I remember you!” I responded. But one of the boys just had to test me. “Who’s class was I in?” “Mine, silly!” I responded. Then he gave me a big smile. He just wanted to know if he was important enough to remember. Of course he was! We all just wanna know that we are important to someone else.

After that I found my way over to an area where kids were able to cash in tickets that they won from games for prizes. I saw two of the girls and asked them what kinda cool stuff they got. They showed me some markers, little toys and trinkets. One of them handed me a bracelet and the other handed me a Christmas ornament. I said, “Oh no girls those are yours”. One of them said, “So you remember me.” Holding back tears I said, “Of course I’ll remember you!” Don’t we all just want to be remembered?
I will never forget those kids! And I hope they never forget the Bible School people that love God and love them!


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