The Impact Continues

Well we are all back home safe and exhausted. The bus riders made it back around 6:30 tonight. (7 flyers arrive at 9:05 PM Saturday and 3 at 3:00 AM Sunday) Praise God! After unloading I called Adam to let him know. As those who have followed our blog know, there were technology and network issues this past week. Adam shared that we had inspired him and he realized he needed to update his technology, so with permission the Outreach Program now has a new computer and printer. Adam said he realized how out of date his equipment was as we tried to blog this week. This should reduce some everyday anxiety and help the Outreach program.
He also said he was reviewing his message for today and was lead to preach on Romans 12, our evening study Scripture. He commented on how God has lead him in his ministry and it was often on what he was to preach about; so he took down the work sheets we had left in the fellowship hall and hung them in his worship area. One of his members told him “that message was just what I needed to hear.” Adam shared how much he appreciated our team’s presence, Ryan told Adams that he was missing us (Emily) and Adam shared how much he enjoyed connecting with the new team members-Rich, Lois, Cory and Dianna aka Diane. Encouragement to Adam’s ministry has been on of the outcomes of our mission trips every time we have been there and it was this time too.


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