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I now know my purpose in New Mexico

At the beginning of the week I had no idea why I was here or why I wanted to come… I was starting to think God didn’t have a reason for me to be here… Until today… We did not have many kids at the V.B.S. and I had nothing to do until we were presented an opportunity to go to a soup kitchen and see how things were ran. I was expecting to go in there and just watch and see what things were all about I was not expecting to go in there and be put right to work. When we walked in it was weird. I looked around and saw so many people and I was thinking to myself wow it kinda smells bad in here… I wasn’t trying to be mean but I didn’t realize how bad it was going to be. We all walked over to the kitchen and they were like we need three volunteers to come back here and help us and Chloe, Brianna, and I being the youngest of the group that went with the group there got to go help plate the food.  As we were plating the food a rush of people came in, men, women, and children.  It was all I could do not to cry.  Seeing all those hungry faces.  I have never seen anything like that before in my life and i had no idea that it was like that out there. Like I’ve seen homeless people and i knew about soup kitchens but  I had no idea it was like that. One guy walked in and the main director of the kitchen got out a paper plate that was pretty decent sized and filled it with stroganoff. and after the guy went and sat down the director said something about maybe that guy won’t go shoot up so much heroin if he has a full stomach… and I about lost it right there because I know what people are like when they are on that kind of hard drug and not caring about anything but how they are going to get there next high. So it really hit home hard when that guy said that and it was all that I could do not to cry. I just kept thinking God, please don’t let me cry right here in front of all these people, please don’t.  There were so many kids that came through,  me having a child of my own, it was so hard seeing them walk threw that line and being hungry. I honestly didn’t know how to react to seeing all those kids. Every person that walked through that line said thank you, not a single person went through without saying it.  I walked over to the car and I said ” Sue, I think we should start going to soup kitchens in our area when we get home” and as I was saying that I started to cry. I really do believe in my heart that God was with us today to teach us a lesson and to teach us that there are people out there a lot less fortunate then us and they need help and we need to get out there and help them, seeing all those hungry people truly broke my heart in a million little pieces.