We have a Ba………

Sorry is probably a theme today as we get caught up. There have been major issues with the internet and yesterday we have power issues. So what have we missed telling you? Hmmmm, I think I better make a list and try to comment later so I can be ready for VBS.

1) We got blessed by God with a 10-fold blessing for kids at VBS.
2) Completed small projects around the church and trying to solve an air conditioning issue.
3) Finished the 3 nights of Adult Bible study that went great
4) I have been meeting with some of the Elders here to discuss ways they can be missional and seek after children
5) Working on I introducing the children of the Boys and Girls Club of Roswell with senior citizens that have a desire to serve God and help with a major social issue
6) Help make dreams come true by taken 57 kids from the Boys and Girls Club to the Bottomless Lake for their first field trip all summer (think herding cats and loving ever second of it)
7) Seeing the Holy Spirit work in our team, some of the folks at Westminster, and the children

Oh man, I need to stop here right now because I need to run to Walgreens to get pictures printed off for the VBS frames. So I will leave you with some pictures.












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  1. Jerry Mahaffey

    What blessings you are giving and receiving! Keep running the race that God has put before you. He promises that He will always be with you. Wish I could be with you all.

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